[Music] Touched 3

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So, a week ago there was this bossome new compilation released for charity and I got to be on it– amongst some of my favorite bands of ALL-TIME, even.  🙂  I wanted to listen to it before posting here so I could give some honest opinion of it, but I’m only on ‘G’ after a week…cuz there’s 417 artists on it.  For 15 quid.  Psst.  It’s awesome, too.

417 tracks, all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support, featuring Plaid, Autechre, The Future Sound Of London, Richard H. Kirk, Luke Vibert– Just go look:

Touched 3 | touched

EPIC, so undeniably EPIC.

Here is my video for my track on it (and mastered louder, I dunno what happened on their end, but I like my mastering better):

Just delete anything you don’t like and you will still have a ridiculously huge album left over, watch.  🙂  All sorts of electronica featured, from ambient to THE HARD STUFF.  Some vocal, most instrumental.  Some very calm and thoughtful, some downright dIsTurBiNg (in the best ways).

My own track was literally composed as you hear it played; I had something far different I worked on for months to submit, but then I upgraded my studio, including my computer, and when I went 64-bit with the music, all my old projects broke, leaving me to either go insane or just start over.  I started over.  🙂  I’m living in a different world now (musically) anyway….  Much more to come!  And yeah, I have been terribly behind in sharing the other music I have been putting on YouTube.  I’ll try and catch up soon.

See? 🙂



[Music] Radio Dogma Is Free…

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…And generally very, very awesome, especially for free. Found here, they release a new one about every two weeks and when they are good, they are really good. Created by a band that I’ve been following for more than 2 decades– but they seem to be too elitist in their age to make me want to say much more. Spanners is epic. Ahem.

Anyway, I finally managed to make my way through them all (re-tagged to be one giant album, the way I would’ve released them) and rate my favorites, distill that list down. Seems smart to go ahead and share it so I have it stored online for myself as well. 😀 So, to that end, I present my favorite Radio Dogma shows, with easy links for your benefit. Oh, and try not to think that however the one you pick starts, that’s all it’s gonna be. If you don’t like electronic music as a rule, tho, there won’t be enough else to keep you happy. If you worship the beats like I do? You are so welcome.

Radio Dogma #6
Radio Dogma #7
Radio Dogma #11
Radio Dogma #12
Radio Dogma #14
Radio Dogma #15
Radio Dogma #16
Radio Dogma #17
Radio Dogma #19
Radio Dogma #21
Radio Dogma #22
Radio Dogma #27
Radio Dogma #30
Radio Dogma #34
Radio Dogma #38
Radio Dogma #41
Radio Dogma #42 (Trip out– this one is supposed to be here, is one of my absolute favorites in the series.  ADDED!)
Radio Dogma #43
Radio Dogma #44
Radio Dogma #46
Radio Dogma #47
Radio Dogma #48
Radio Dogma #49
Radio Dogma #50
Radio Dogma #51
Radio Dogma #52
Radio Dogma #53
Radio Dogma #54
Radio Dogma #55
Radio Dogma #56
Radio Dogma #57
Radio Dogma #59
Radio Dogma #63 (Took a few listens, but it’s pretty sweet EXCEPT FOR THE SHOUTING AT THE END, jeez guys.)
Radio Dogma #65
Radio Dogma #66 (Instant New Favorite.  SO much UNST UNST UNST UNST, I can dig it.  Get all stompy.)
Radio Dogma #68 (Another instant favorite.  VERY pumping, good for dance.  Gonna soon.)
Radio Dogma #69 (Gut, gut.)
Radio Dogma #70 (Sweet!)
Radio Dogma #71 (FUN.  I just put this one in the car, dislodging #48 after, like, a year?)
Radio Dogma #74 (Very eclectic, took me a few listens to really like it, just sayin’.)
Radio Dogma #75 (Good energy, then turns into an outright banger!)
Radio Dogma #80 (Been awhile since one grabbed me, but great mix of experimental and OONST OONST OONST here.)
Radio Dogma #84 (The last 3 were okay, but THIS ONE is fantastic. I wait for them to jump at me like this.)
Radio Dogma #86 (DEEP banger.)
Radio Dogma #93 (The drought ends!  Great energetic summer mix to spin about over.)
Radio Dogma #95 (SUCH a banger– when you feel like you should check the skies for bombers, the lawn for tanks…you’ll know you found my favorite bit of this mix.  😀 )
Radio Dogma #96 (Starts mild, but builds to a fury quickly and throughout.)

(Ahhh…they are putting them on Spotify now.  I don’t use it, but more people deserve to enjoy these awesome mixes, all good.)

What makes these better than the others?  The mood, flow, and most importantly the impetus to move my booty up and out of a chair.  DANCE, I say.  I’ll add here if/when I *really* like any new ones, too. 🙂

Seriously, I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that Radio Dogma is one of my favorite things now.  All the above are the ones I rated 5 stars only, but there’s almost no 3 stars and only one or two I just plain don’t like.  Feel free to check the unlisted ones out when you find the time….  We all have our own ears, after all, and these are just my favorites, of course.

[2016] It’s gonna be quite the year.

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Whoah, check it out…I still exist.  I’m sure my blog thought I was dead, but nope.  Trying to thrive without talking about it, is all.

So, here’s the thing.  It’s 2016.  I plan to start using this blog again not only more, but regularly.  Why not?  The year we have ahead of us tells me it’s a good idea…among other things.

I plan to share quite a lot here in the coming days, but I need to warm up to it first and today is not that day.  I wanted to have *something* here, though…it being the 1st day of the 1st month of a 9 year like no other.

All about the 9’s, yo.

More coming, as I feel it.  🙂  I have so much to say, but just not today.

Happy New Year!

Enjoy this glimpse of my familiar, Miette. Or something.

[Music] Bath40 – On Thinking (Brap Allgood’s Yummy re-Vision)

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Bath40 – On Thinking (Brap Allgood’s Yummy re-Vision)

(Free download available in the About box below the video.)

Hey there.  It’s been awhile.  I’ve been anything but idle, though.  😀  In fact, I have a bunch of stuff I’m working on, have been working on, will be working on.  I also lost 100 lbs and figured my health out far better than it’s been since I was a teen, in most ways, at least a decade, in other.  2014 rocks.  Might even rule.

Anyway, about this track…I met half the duo and asked to remix another track by him solo, am working on it.  I heard this other one, though, and was moved to decorate it, as such.  I didn’t even ask for the project files, just took the recording as was and built around it (as well as running the original through a Blues Amp modeller, heh, among other things).  It took 4 days to go from that moment to this video, but I am proud to present it…and he loved it (thanks, Cole!).  Maybe you will, too.  It shouldn’t hurt much, in any case.  Unless you only like death metal, in which case the WHOLE WORLD obviously hurts.  Poor you.  I feel for not feeling for you in this.

More, more, more coming.  I’ve also been working on these lately, but need to stop for a time, focus elsewhere.  They will get their own post when I get through them all.  I plan on using this blog more in general, but I do recommend you just follow me at Twitter or check the embedded Twitter app on my homepage for updates you may have missed.  There’ve been some…but I need to get a nap and back to work, I have so much ahead of me yet this summer.

In fact…I have HUGE news, but I’ll save it for now, here in this venue.  It’s not about me, it’s about Bath40, yo.  Check their album out, too.  Noboru Watanabe was kind enough to give me a copy and I repaid him with a remix.  😀  Didn’t see it like that until just then, but it is what it is.  I like the Noboru Watanabe album, White Light Wind, even more.  I’m remixing a track off of it right now, too.  I put it aside to do this other, I was so moved by it…and wanting to hear children in there.  Score.  I win.  If you like it, you get to win, too.

Much love.

P.S. HEY ISRAEL!  KNOCK IT OFF!  WE ALL CAN SEE IT, YOU KNOW!  Ahem.  I think everyone needs to point and yell until they do knock it off.  Completely.

Fall 2013 Update

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Yep, no more band. We were an incompatible duo and it took 6 months or so to figure this out. Oh well, back to the drawing board. On the plus side, I upgraded my Ableton Live to Suite 9 and now have The Power. So much fun. Tons of stuff in the works for 2014 release. Not a whole lot else to speak of, save for the new Boards of Canada album, “Tomorrow’s Harvest”, maybe. It’s truly boss, such a fun experience. Well worth the wait and more. Two Braps Up. 😀

Happy Holidays, all. Much love.

Summer 2013 Update

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Wow, it really has been a long time since I made use of this blog, huh.  🙂  Been busy, busy, busy.  Last year was all about doctors and physical therapy and trying to get a handle on what was passing for my health.  Happy to report that things have gotten much better.  Though physically I still have my challenges, they are much easier to manage now and I find a lot more time and ability to do the things I want and need to do.

My primary endeavor for months now has been a new band project with my buddy, Misel, in The Netherlands.  I waited a long time for him to ask me to do something together, but ask he did.  🙂  We are writing an album that is kind of industrial based, yet kind of not.  It’s electronic, it’s vocal, it’s sounding pretty darn unique to me so far.  I am hoping to get it out this year, he is hoping to have all tracks in production by August.  He sketches, I ink, in a sense.  So much fun so far.

I can’t tell you the band name yet and we are still debating that anyway, but when we agree and are sure, I collect the digital turf for it, YOU will get to hear something.  I am working on six tracks right now, a seventh in the wings waiting, an 8th (at least) underway on Misel’s end.  We guarantee at least an hour of content, which will be mastered somewhere in Croatia.  Zagreb, I think.  Yeah, I should point out that Misel’s a Croat and his voice often makes me feel like I am Front 242 reincarnated.  😀  Being the band that got me off of my ass and into synths and sampling and MIDI and ALLGOODNESS…ahem…well, it feels really neat.  Misel has a great voice and that’s really cool to be able to work with…especially considering the number of times I have to listen to him sing the stuff in the songs.  Looping can make me loopy, but having a friend in the loop is wonderfully helpful.  😀  Or something.

Beading?  Hardly since Winter.  I have been consumed by music and exercise (lost 50 lbs since November!) so fully, little else has had my attention.  I made a few gifts and some for fun, since the beads were out…but what keeps running through my head is ‘bracelets sell once, songs sell forever’.  I honestly have no interest in selling my creativity, but I need to make a living on it to be able to pursue it full-time…or stay poor as dirt, where I am right now.  Poor as dirt won’t buy me the gear I need (and should actually be using), so I am working it oldschool and hoping some fine folks like what all this effort is going to result in.  🙂  It’s time.

And oh muh gawd…past two years of studying mixing are definitely making a difference.  So many things I never considered when recording before, so many things I can’t ignore now.  I have to say it made writing harder, but OH so much more fulfilling to share.  Anything you heard before that sounded like I done mixed it up good…yeah, that was luck as much as anything.  And I don’t even believe in luck.  Heh.  Future, better!

So, really just a note to have something current and not absolutely maniacal at the top of the blog here.  🙂  I am not even going to bother linking relevant stuff, or any of that.  It’s just a note.  Links will come when I can share some of this music we are sitting on.  I would not call any of the songs done yet, but plenty good enough to make a YT video or something, call it a demo, whatever.  Being oceans apart from my bandmate makes for a lot of renders and many of them are quite fun.  When I can share, I’ll announce it here and on Twitter, which I embedded on my site and will be using more, as I have announcements.

On that note, Manda.  You need to give me my websites.  I cannot develop them further with your name on them.  I do not want to have to sue you for it, and it will take you ten freaking minutes, maybe.  They will not give it to me without your consent, directly.  It’s the only thing I want or need from you ever again.  Do the right thing, wouldya?

(Ex-wife does not respond to emails, is I dunno where, doing I don’t care who or what, but her name is on my websites and I refuse to do anything in her name ever again.  THAT is a huge reason for my lack of updates past two years.  Why develop what is not actually mine?  No, she does not pay for them, she was just too goddamn lazy to spent the ten minutes it takes to transfer them to me.  She just gave them my email and left it for me to deal with.  Sorry for public laundry, but I know she’ll read this at some point.)

Much love!  (Except for you.)

[Music] Brap Allgood – Snap Back

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Brap Allgood – Snap Back

April 29, 2012

I am pleased to present an album I recorded and released in 2006, newly remastered after much study into mixing and mastering.  🙂  This entire album was recorded using nothing more than my old Korg Electribe SX-1.  It was a live performance that I enjoyed for about a year, altering it a bit each time I played through.  This collection of recordings is only one perspective of what I might do with the patterns it was born of.  Honestly, it was so complicated that I could not even play it again now…and my Electribe is pretty thrashed nowadays anyway.  🙂  It is presented here chopped into song portions for your entertainment.  It’s weird, so you have been warned….  It is not ‘info-based’ as other tracks you may have heard from me in recent years.  Just sayin’.  Also, some of what you will hear was made-up live as you hear it, in one take.  All were recorded to two tracks (L + R…) in Audacity (2006) and then remastered in Ableton Live 8 (2012).

Full album download here as 320kbps mp3s (right-click and save as….), or:

  1. Preface  [Download]
  2. Flow-T  [Download]
  3. Y Spots (The Boardwalk)  [Download]
  4. KJ Light Parade  [Download]
  5. Grubber  [Download]
  6. Orbaloney  [Download]
  7. Jack Bumbler (Cheese Please)  [Download]
  8. Roland’s Tower  [Download]
  9. Origin  [Download]
  10. Summary  [Download]
  11. And Love*  [Download]
  12. Mindblazer*  [Download]
  13. Chalk Dust* [Download]
  14. Shedding Socks*  [Download]

* The last 4 tracks were recorded around the time of Snap v1.4 (released as ‘Brap’, no ‘Allgood’), but they were not included on the original album.  Bonus, eh.

All tracks written by, performed by, produced by and property of Brap Allgood.  They are released under a Creative Commons license found here.


Update 4-30-12: I removed the YouTube videos because the sound got stupid somewhere in the process.  The mp3s represent my efforts, but the videos did not.  I will attempt to remake them, but that day is not today.  :/

February 2011 Update

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Okay, so yeah I have been absent here for awhile, as my buddy Whelp was just pointing out.  Note the sequence of events, though: I got a new computer and the best studio ever available to me in my life so far, I proclaimed this excitedly, I disappeared.  😀  Makes perfect sense to me.  Hell, I dedicated all of 2011 to getting a better grasp on my technology (and then added more and more, and more on that below) and it’s only freaking February.

Learning takes time and effort to become experience.  I know this very well and put it to my advantage by arranging new habits and learning to do them by rote through conscious repetition.  I am very much a handmade, homemade, experimentalist poking-about sort of musician.  There’s just a lot new to poke about in.  When something strikes me the right way, I run with it and a song is born.  This process is far from fixedly simple for me, though.  Again, this is part of what 2011 is to be spent on/in.  🙂

I also now have some video stuff going on at YouTube.  I added a reasonably sufficient video card to this happy computer and got some video software of a level that is perfect for me to jump right in and start learning.  This is also much of what 🙂 will be doing in 2011 (I am writing this while waiting on my first longish video to test render, even).  Why am I not blogging the videos?!?!?  Because I am mostly doing near daily weather reports for my area, from my limited aspect here in this house I almost never leave.  And cat videos.  And some casual vlogging mixed in.  :)If you want to get to know me better as a person, the videos are probably a good way…but I don’t wish to fill this blog with that stuff.

I will reserve this area for the stuff that really stands out for me, and mostly that means music.   I mean, if you don’t know this, I have this other page that is updated at least a couple of times a week with links to things I have absorbed lately…Links for Whelp, as above on this blog, but moved to my own website for easier updates and no reliance on WordPress to not crash a post that took weeks to write.  :/  Links for Whelp is where I will post ALL the video links I make, as Whelp will watch them in his long boring night job.   🙂  Then he will say encouraging things, as he always does.  He’s a useful friend that way, for sure.  This page is for him, not spam or anything nefarious.  See for yourself how freaking simple I keep the code.

What else?  There’s more?  Yes.  I have also been very busy with making new jewelry.  I just packed the beads up for awhile, but I have to go another couple weeks of beading sometime here before Spring kicks in for real– the weather here has been pooie for days after 2 or more teaser weeks of springtime.  Wah, huh.  I am already missing the sun.

I also reopened our Etsy store.  I only have 10 items in there so far, but there’s some crazy stuff coming soon enough.  I have a lot of different bugs vying for the right to fly up my ass each day, WHICH IS JUST HOW I LIKE IT!  Trust me, I need the distractions and the more occupied I remain, the better my mood, the easier it is to deal with my day-to-day health issues that are not going to go away.  :/  Not a pity plea, just a fact, jack.

I also also made us a Facebook page for Braplets.  I don’t use FB much, but Manda does.  I just like the easy ability to post pictures of every single piece of jewelry that I make from now on and have an archive, as they are each individually imagined and designed works of wearable art.  🙂  I think of the thousands upon thousands of bracelets that I have made and not photoed…and then am just glad that technology finally gave me the ability to capture, archive and share so easily.  Regret won’t help…but I have been doing this for ten years and barely started taking pics in any earnest last Fall….  Look to the future, live in the Now.  Huzzah.

Now I will go back up this page and add all the appropriate links.  It is 4:36 in the AM here and I have not been to bed since my nap from 8-10 in the PM.  I very much need to and the video is at 87%…woot.  Peace.  (Update: it beat me in rendering.  I hope I didn’t miss any links.  Much love.)

[Personal] System Requirements Met

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Wow. Just wow. I am in what feels like a perpetual state of awe lately.  It’s mind-blowing…and in such a good way.  🙂  Let me back-up a bit and give the bigger picture before I share what is so staggering in my experiences of late.  🙂

Several weeks ago, a glass truck dropped out of The Universe and landed in the side of our car out front of our little (TINY!) home here in Salinas, CA.  This was the second time for a car getting destroyed out there…but the first glass truck.  Both times, the driver bailed and we got screwed financially, in short.  Last time, my wife was not my wife and the car was actually mine.  I loved that car dearly and it was completely paid for.  I got a few thousand in insurance and handed it over to Manda to get another car, her having the job and all.  I did it with only half a blink and never regretted it; Baby (Ford Contour) upgraded into a Bob (Ford Taurus) and life continued.  At the time, my health was such trouble that I was plenty distracted as it was.

Anyway, this time it was Manda’s turn to deal with the circus we call Insurance and all of that.  She got a new loan and another car (Kia Rio) that she loves even more than Bob (seriously, the USB port connected to the sound system is an awesome idea and we had no idea when we picked the car) long before the meager (OUCH!  Hey! Stop that!) insurance arrived.  Some few weeks before a check was cut TO us, Manda said she wanted to hand me the insurance this time.  She told me to upgrade my studio and my life with it.  Though my focus is rarely very material beyond a few XBOX 360 games and occasional new CDs from well-loved artists that I have followed for years (c’MON, Orbital!  Give us some already!), I saw the beauty in this idea instantly.

I had a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 with a couple gigs of ‘fast’ RAM.  I got it in 2003.  Early 2003.  The biggest hard drive was 300GB and I had managed to retain some space on that.  The best part of that computer was Ableton Live 6.  I bought the download version of it some years ago…they are on Live 8 now and have been for awhile, anyway.  🙂  Oh, and the kickin’ monitor Manda bought me a couple of years ago.  🙂  While I love this old machine and have done SO MANY things with it that have enriched my life, every time I hit ‘the technology wall’ in writing, I wanted to dropkick it; that computer would always let me know when I was out of processing power.  😦  Sometimes most painfully, creativity-wise.

NO MORE.  😀  Shit happened, we rolled with it and came up firing.

I now have a new computer and I built it myself.  It is a very satisfying feeling I have here right now about that part, too.  😀  It was the first time I built one from the ground up and slow insurance processing allowed me to truly labor over each and every decision, detail after detail.  The build went through at least one new iteration every single day for almost 3 weeks.  I am so Virgo, it’s funny to some, self included.  I studied forum after forum, review after review, product after…obsessed is a useful word here.  Where I landed was a far sight from where I took-off, too.  This is what I rock now:

  • AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Thuban 3.2GHz hex core goodness (WOW.  Really.)
  • Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H motherboard (on-board video, this machine is not about games but can play them a bit anyway)
  • 8 GB of A-DATA 1600G RAM (I wanted G.SKILL, but was surer these would work…it’s all good)
  • G.SKILL Phoenix Pro Series 60GB solid-state drive (SSD for system and smaller programs only…it quietly screams)
  • Two Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB fast SATA drives (one mirroring the other, another such pair planned in the future)
  • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (I am now truly a convert from XP in less than one week.  Thumbs up, Microsoft.)
  • Ableton Live Suite 8 (now if only they would make it 64-bit and allow me to use all 8GB of RAM…)
  • badass Patriot 8GB USB drive (had to mention it cuz it truly rocks…and will rock the car, too, heh)

All of this in a budget case, little dressing beyond the internal organs above.  Tomorrow marks a week since I first assembled it all and I just got the Ableton package 2 days ago, but I can already tell you wholeheartedly that I am in love with an object…with this tool that I have born from loving research and effort.  It will enrich my life daily and I plan to use it to further enrich the lives of others.  The limit for my music has become my imagination, in many ways now…the rest is up to me and my capabilities.  🙂  Never have I see such a beautiful, blank piece of paper waiting for ink.  It is very exciting and words fail beyond that.  🙂

The new machine is simply dubbed ‘Bob Junior’.  It has two wheels more than its daddy.  🙂

I will add some pictures here later; I am still migrating from old system to new and don’t have stuff handy to share.  I will leave you with this wonderful photo, though:

The Zalman sits in its box, after I read that using it would void the AMD warranty. WTF, AMD? When I am sure enough to try it, I will add a glowing blue heart to the machine by installing the Zalman. 🙂

And yes, that is Civilization V there. While it’s not about gaming, I did include something I had looked forward to until I realized my old computer did NOT meet Minimum System Requirements. 😀

More to come, oh yeppers. Peace out.

UPDATE!  11/4/10 – I have not been able to get pics off the old computer, as my wife needed the little monitor I had on it.  I will leave you with this one that did make it over in the migration.  🙂

[Music] Brap Allgood – Fractal Nature _ featuring Max Igan

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Brap Allgood - Fractal Nature - artwork

Brap Allgood - Fractal Nature

Brap Allgood
Fractal Nature

(featuring Maxwell Igan…again, heh)

Download 320kpbs mp3

Firstly, I don’t see the point in having more than a high quality mp3 up here, so just the good stuff now. If someone has a need for a ‘perfect’ lesser version, you can ask and I will post that, too.

That said, here is another labour of love revolving around the voice (and words…) of Maxwell Igan. This is directly a sequel to “The Solution“, in fact beginning where that one ends. Such is fun for me.

I spent a ridiculous number of hours on this track, all told. It took a good two weeks just to arrange the vocals…but that has become about the norm for most of my recent tracks. It is what followed that took forever and two days. I would still work at it yet, but my computer has informed me repeatedly that it finds the track to be finished. I look forward to the day of a new computer, lemmetellya. :/ For now, I do what I can with what I have. (And thank Bejeebus for free VST’s!)  I really like this and I hope you do, too.  That is what matters.  😉

This literally clears a table in front of me that has been messy for a long time.  Not sure what I want to do next musically, but I expect it will be a bit different for awhile…I feel noisier than usual lately.  🙂  Anyway, thanks for listening and more to follow….

Oh…and this is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license and more such music can be found here.

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