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Well.  Here we are.  I am.  Something.  🙂

So, why the move to WordPress?  Because Google pissed me off, that’s why.  You may have noticed in the past that I had some Google AdSense ads on my old blog and website.  I joined the AdSense (<–gets funnier every time I type it…) program in the hopes that it would offset the $10 or so a month that our server space costs us for brapallgood.com and goodallgood.com, et al.  That was more than 2 years ago.  In that time, I had amassed the whopping sum of $90.53 (or so) from the occasional clicks I received from whoever, wherever.  All I know is that it was not me or anyone I know doing the clicking.  Fair, right?

Then The GoogMonster sends me this:


While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers
. Since
keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our
advertisers in the future, we’ve decided to disable your account.

Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in advance
for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions about your account or the actions we’ve taken,
please do not reply to this email. You can find more information by
visiting https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=57153.


The Google AdSense Team

Yep.  Emphasis added by me, but otherwise just like it looked for me…and about a bazillion other poor schmucks that Google has now ripped-off, hands down, with no actual reason given for the disabling.  Yep.  Just search the first paragraph of the above Friendly Note and you will find lots and lots of stories similar to mine.  In fact, it seems I got off easy— $90 was nothing compared to some of the sob stories I read about online.  Never mind that it took years to get there…but it is hard to ignore that lately the hits had begun to pick up and Google was supposed to finally pay out at $100.

It’s also hard to ignore that I had done nothing new at my site or my blog for weeks.  Why the sudden change?  Why, all in a moment, did they decide I did something wrong (and refused to actually tell me what it was)?  Why is Google allowed to get away with business practices such as these?  Oh…that’s right…EULA.  A contract with no wet signatures, wherein you accept that Google can do whatever they want, whenever they want, nyah,  nyah, pbtpbtpbtpbtpbtpb.  Right.

The funniest part?  I was going to remove the AdSense once we got that hard-earned $100 check (the lowest amount they will send you a check on…).  I don’t see the need for the ads except that it costs us $10 a month for server space to bring you things for free.  After years of watching it slowly accrue, I realized that it didn’t make enough of a difference to offset the cost by much, so why not just present things in a pure way?  Why not, indeed.

SO, in my path to shed myself of all things Google, here I am at WordPress.  I’ll leave the old blog up, but new posts will be here for the foreseeable future.  I really liked how I had the old one set-up and will miss the design, but I’ll adapt and just hope that you will, too.  🙂

And seriously: Guck Foogle.

If you are considering going with AdSense, just be aware that there’s a good chance you will never see the money.  After reading all of the accounts that I read, it seems pretty clear to me that if you rub against the grain of society in any way, you are likely to be cheated by Google.  Defend Palestinian liberation?  CHOP! Question the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals (especially SSRI-inhibitors)?  HACK! Question Scientology?  CRASH! Warn about the coming (orchestrated) financial collapse?  POW. You just became a headache that was solved via guillotine (and no, you can’t have the head back, we keep it and donate it to “charity”).  Thanks, Google!  You rock!  MWAH!  Love you!

P.S.  StartPage.com has been working fine for me.  😉



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